"We brought Ben in for a fresh pair of eyes on the project and his input was invaluable. He was able to make a range of edits and suggestions, tightening up the script, filling in holes, improving inconsistencies and bringing new ideas. 10/10 would additionally write again."

- Edd Parris, Project Lead of Jack Move and Director of So Romantic

“Ben was really great to work with. We had a nice chat first to determine what I was looking for and which direction to explore. Then pretty quickly he came back with a fancy document chock full of creative ideas. Together we explored the parts we liked and iterated towards a solid plot. Bouncing ideas back and forth like that really helped me find the best angle for the story I wanted to tell, and I look forward to further developing the framework he helped me create. Good stuff!”

- Tim Hengeveld, Project Lead of Untitled Art Thief Game

"As well as providing incredible narrative work, it's hard to stress just how much better Ben's involvement makes a game. He has an absolutely fastidious attention to detail, and it's a skill that bleeds into every aspect of development. He has a drive that means he fights firmly and eloquently for every aspect of the game to feel as perfect and polished as possible, and it simply shows in the end results. Size Five Games wouldn't be the success it is without Ben, and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

- Dan Marshall, Director of Size Five Games